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Google Reader shuts down on 1 July 2013 Export your to other services

Google Inc is closing their Google Reader on 1 July 2013, so you have to find a new way to get your news fix. you can easily back up your data using Google Takeout, giving you ample opportunity to weigh up your alternative options going forward. Because once your Reader information is gone, it’s gone.

The Internet is a scary place, and keeping up with all the feeds out there, especially in this line of work, can be overwhelming. So while Google Reader will be missed, it’s time to move on, forget it even existed. Just make sure you save your data before moving on to something new.

 Find a New RSS Reader

 Feedly is the most popular Google Reader alternative. It is available in iOS, Android and Web version. It has a beautiful interface that you can tweak to work almost exactly like Google Reader. It also lets you choose been a newspaper-like interface or an image-centric view.

NewsBlur is a web based feed reader that looks and feels a bit more like a desktop reader. iOS, Android,Web version are available. You can see stories on the original site, create categories and tags that help highlight the stories you want most, and even create a “Blurblog” of all your favorite stories for others to read. A $24-per-year subscription to a premium account also allows users to add an unlimited number of feeds. A slower, basic service with a maximum of 64 feeds, as well as some usage restrictions, is available for free.

The Old Reader  A beta, web version of this brand new reader launched Monday.  It was built when Google Reader originally shut down its social features. It aims to be what Google Reader used to be: a simple, web-based RSS reader with lots of great sharing features.

Newsvibe is a web based RSS readers that try to do it all. If all you want is a simple, clean way to read your favourite sites without all the social features, app integration and other clutter — Newsvibe is a fast, free and sparse alternative.

Digg Reader Social news website Digg rolled out the beta in the coming days. Web version of its new reader, which is "aimed first and foremost at Google Reader users looking for a new home."  Like Feedly, Digg’s reader takes the familiar Google Reader interface.

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