Friday, June 14, 2013

Is your Mobile Phone will Work in another Country check now

There are two main technologies used with cellular phones: GSM and CDMA. A CDMA phone won't work on a GSM network (the opposite is also true). Below ideas will make you find out whether your mobile phone will work in the country you are visiting or the phone you are buying from abroad 2ill wok in your country.

  • Check whether the carrier of other country using GSM technology or CDMA technology. Use Wikipedia to know more about GSM and CDMA which provides detailed information about  IndiaEurope and Asia Pacific countries . If the carrier of that particular country using GSM and you have GSM supported phone then there is no problem using it in that country. 

  • Check the frequency band allowed by the country to mobile the carriers where you want to travel or purchase mobile from.  In Indian mobile networks are currently using 900 MHz and 1800 MHz range.  In 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies are using by their carriers. If you are frequent international traveler and want to buy a new smartphone it worth to go with quad-band smart phone as it works on all the possible countries.  

  • Click here  to check the 2G and 3G frequency bands that are supported by your mobile phone.  Then check the mobile operator’s website (or Wikipedia) to determine the frequency bands they are using for their 2G and 3G networks. If the frequencies match, your phone should be compatible with that mobile network.

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