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Awaaz Android App for Free and Secure Calls over 3G 4G WiFi

Awaaz the recently launched Android app / plugin is the next step in Voice over IP telephony (VOIP). It enables you to call friends and family for free. Awaaz enables it to make direct phone-to-phone calls without using the cellular network if both phones have the application installed and are accessible over WiFi, 3G, 4G etc. There are plenty of mobile apps which enable you to make voice calls, very few are free. It effectively makes all phone calls free (including long-distance), even while roaming! That means Awaaz makes the cellular network redundant, and roaming an obsolete concept.

There is no user signup, you never need to give any details, and you never even need to start the application (except for the first time and after updates). Awaaz automatically takes over any phone calls that meet its requirements. You just need to install and run it once, and you're done! In case of problems, it can be disabled easily through its preferences. Like Whatsapp, your phone number is your identity and the app asks for no other details. Whenever a contact of yours starts using the app, your calls to them will automatically start getting routed over the internet with no input from you or the contact. 

Rather than having an actual user interface that you navigate like other apps, once it’s been run for the first time, every call you make to someone who has Awaaz installed will be made over the Internet via a direct P2P connection.

Awaaz uses the Opus codec for voice compression, and features enhanced encryption (2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES) to ensure your calls remains private even if someone manages to grab all the data in transit, and generates new keys for every call. It will log all calls to your regular call history so your experience is absolutely easy and transparent. 

Awaaz launched in December last year and now it has 4000 plus users. The app sole developer Anuj an Indian Technologist reveals that “Close to 90% of our users come from the US, Europe and Australia. At present, it has been rated 175 times on the Play Store, and has an average rating of 4.3”. 

Anju worked with TCS in South America and later returned to India to start a mobile startup, Hovr, which provided free mobile games and was ad-supported. The total monetary investment in Awaaz was $50 which Anuj paid to a graphics designer to make the images and logo which he has used in the app. 

Awaaz is definitely a more practical and convenient way to make free internet phone calls with very little compromise in the way you use your device. The app is compatible with any device running Android 3.0 or newer, and is available for free from the Google Play Store.
  • Establishes a direct P2P connection between the two phones. Capable of punching a hole through NAT, or being used on the same internal network.
  • Never shares or uploads your contacts anywhere.
  • Uses the Opus codec for unmatched voice clarity.
  • Uses just 10 KB/s of bandwidth (upstream and downstream combined).
  • Uses a hybrid cryptographic system to exchange a 256-bit AES key using 2048-bit RSA. New public and private keys are generated every single time, thus theoretically making decryption impossible.
  • Uses GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) for push messages thus eliminating the need to run a service in the background.
  • Has the ability to use 3G / 4G as well. Please enable the option in the preferences if you want it.
  • All calls are logged in your regular call history.


  1. Install and run it once. The app will register itself on the server.
  2. There is no Step 2! From here on, when you make an outgoing call the app will automatically check if the other person also has it installed, and if both phones are connected to WiFi. If so, Awaaz will automatically take over the call and you will see a slightly different calling screen. The same is true for incoming calls.

    If you have any trouble with an ongoing call, hit the "X" button on the bottom-left to terminate the app and make a regular call. 

    As of version 3.00, you can see which of your contacts are currently online by running the app.

To DOWNLOAD click here: 
Play Store Link

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