Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Write your story in Gmail Story

Now you can post stories from gmail. Gmail hear stories from you about how you're using it from keeping your long-distance relationship alive over chat to saving a historic record of your high school life within a single conversation thread.

Google is looking for you to share your stories on how you use Gmail in a 30 second or less video. The criteria for posting stories is as follows.
1. 30 seconds maximum
2. Make sure your audio is set up correctly (so that you're heard)
3. Get creative
4. Tell a story about how Gmail has impacted you.
5. Play nice - don't trash other email providers that you used before Gmail.
6. Make sure your video doesn't violate any copyright laws and complies with Gmail and YouTube's terms.

But pinning your stories on the walls around Google hasn't been the best way to share them with the Gmail community, so share yours with the world. All you need is a video camera and a great story. Feel free to get creative with special effects or choreography or just tell it like it is.

Just keep the story in 30 seconds or less (what are you supposed to say in 30 seconds, Gmail, you rock! I love you and do a little interpretive dance?) and if creativity’s your thing, don’t shy away from it. And then you’ll live happily ever after.

To known Details about gmail stories click here

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This is why I love gmail. This is a response to "Whats your gmail story?"

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